New Life Baptist Church

A place to experience NEW LIFE in Christ.


Our mission is His Mission. It is to lead others to new life in the Lord Jesus Christ, to help them grow as a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, & get them plugged into the Mission of the Lord Jesus Christ. 
 ˜ Matthew 28:18-20 ˜
   We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting New Life’s website. Our hearts desire is to know Him and to make Him known. The Lord Jesus Christ is very precious to us. He is the center of all that we say and do. IT’S ALL ABOUT JESUS! He loves us, we love Him, and we love one another. Our prayer is that in our Worship and Ministries He is lifted up, exalted, and that He receives all the honor and glory.
   We are also grateful for the ministry of the Holy Spirit. We strive to be filled with the Holy Spirit in order that our lives represent Him wherever we go. We know that it is the power and presence of the Holy Spirit that helps us live like Christ and for Christ as we witness to others of His saving grace.
   Also we are thankful for the Word of God. If ever there was a time to hear a word from the Lord it is now. We live in uncertain times and we must know “What thus saith the Lord.” We believe like Job that the Word of God is our “necessary food” (Job 23:12).
   It is because of these things that when you visit New Life you will sense the presence of the Lord. You will feel the warmth, love, and care of the Lord Jesus Christ in and through His people. Truly this is the House of the Lord. It is the blessing place. A place where you find hope for living, and power for overcoming.
   Again thank you so much for visiting New Life’s website, and we would like to extend to you an invitation to come and worship the Lord Jesus Christ with us. To Him be the glory. Amen.
For His Glory,
New Life Baptist Church

Verse of the Day

“Wherefore receive ye one another, as Christ also received us to the glory of God.” — Romans 15:7 Listen to chapter Public Domain. Powered by
“Small Group Bible Study”
Every Sunday @ 10am
Classes for all Ages
(Nursery Provided)
˜Growing Together˜
   The Lord Jesus Christ loves you very much. He loves you so much He gave His life on the Cross for your sins. The Lord Jesus desires for you to know Him (1 John 5:13). Here is how to know the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and Lord.
   The Lord Jesus Christ knowing the thoughts and sincerity of your heart simply pray, “Dear Lord Jesus, I repent of my sins, I confess you with my mouth that You are the Son of God the Savior of sinners, and I believe with my heart that You died on the Cross for my sins and that you arose again the 3rd day. Lord Jesus forgive me of my sins, give me mercy, grace, love, and eternal life. Thank you for saving me Lord Jesus. Amen” (John 3:16-17, Acts 2:37-40, 8:35-40, 16:27-32, Romans 10:8-13)