Outreach Ministry is a ministry of the Church which focuses on reaching out to, ministering to, and evangelizing those outside the walls of the Church. It is a ministry that Jesus calls ALL Christians to be actively involved in. It is better known as “The Great Commission.” It is the ministry that compels and invites non-believers and/or non-churched people to experience new and eternal life through:


  1. A profession of faith in Jesus Christ.
  2. Believers’ Baptism.
  3. Fellowship/Growth with other believers in the local church body
  4. Personal growth through prayer and Bible study.


   It is the desire and goal of NLBC to encourage, enlist, and equip all born again believers/members of the church to take part in some aspect of the Outreach Ministry. There are (3) broad but all-encompassing facets of outreach and evangelism which are:


  1. Prayer.
  2. Care.
  3. Share.


   Our outreach primarily takes place through a regularly planned time of visitation. During this time leadership and members organize, plan, and pray before going out into the community to visit and share the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ. Outreach and Evangelism should also be taking place on a regular (non-scheduled) basis with every believer as we seek to pray for, care for, and share the Gospel with our individual families, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. It is through this powerful and vital ministry that we will see the Kingdom of God and His Church grow and flourish.
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